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Best Film: You Should Have Told Me, Do You Wanna Get $ (With Mase), Peace Piece, Sunshine Sex Drive, Ho Ram Raiya.

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Favourite Song: Shades of Blue - Oh How Happy, Brother Wind, Night Owl, Eternamente Bella, Tree Song.

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Best Film: A Vial of Calm, When Pigs Fly, Visions, Wolf Creek Pass, Marig Ar Pollanton.

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Favourite Song: Oh la la Lola, Otome San, Angola, Summertime (Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed), Amazing (Emanuele Inglese).

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Best Film: Anal Sushi (Stoma), Total Taliban (Mesmerized), A Little Rain, Hidden Track, Kifaya.

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Favourite Song: Media vuelta (Manny Olivera y Orquesta), Pajaro Perdido, Evol Intent, Mayhem and Thinktank - Broken Sword, Tonight - David Bowie, Magentalane.

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